Game Start

Game Start:

13.01 Flag stations will be determined by coin toss prior to the start of the game. Coin toss winner will be able to decide on side of field.

13.02 Each team is expected to report to the Staging area for the applicable game field at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the game.

13.03 Teams may restock while in the staging area. Teams may take as much paint, and extra Co2/HPA tanks Teams may not take refill stations, such as scuba tanks or bulk Co2 tanks into the Staging area

13.04 Each player playing the period will be given an armband in his teams color. Armband is to be worn on the left arm above the elbow.

13.05 Teams will be called out of the staging area several minutes before the start of the game.

13.06 When the teams are assembled at their respective bases, the ultimate judge will give a 30 second warning countdown, as in, ’Three, two, one, 30 seconds.“ Such countdown will be heard by both teams. 30 seconds later the ultimate judge will announce the start of the game, heard by both teams, by blowing a whistle. The game will begin on that signal.

13.07 twenty-five seconds after the 30 second warning and 5 seconds before the start of the game the base judge will blow whistle and scout will begin play.

13.08 Players must have one foot in their start zone prior to the start of the game. Any player without one foot in the start zone at the start of the game will be eliminated.

13.09 in the case of a false start teams may be called back and game start procedures started over.

13.10 Players will have armband removed upon being eliminated, armband to be given to nearest referee