7.01 Each field will be staffed with a minimum of four Field Referees plus one Head Referee. All Field Referees and Head Referees are under direct management of the Ultimate Referee.

7.02 Only referees authorized by the Head Referee of each field will be allowed to make calls on that field.

7.03 All referees shall perform their duties and shall make decisions in an unbiased manner. If any referee is found to have been bias in his refereeing activities, for or against any team, such person shall be dropped from the referee staff for the remainder of the tournament.

7.04 Referees will not provide information to teams during the game, except with respect to safety concerns, warnings, neutrality, and eliminations.

7.05 Referees will not, through action or inaction, deliberately reveal or conceal the locations or actions of players during the course of a game. Referees will not impede the progress of the game.

7.06 All calls and judgments on a field are subject to the review of the Head Referee for that field. All calls and judgments made or approved by the Head Referee are final, and are not subject to further review and may not be changed except by him.