Re-insertion & Withdraw

Re-Insertion and withdraw:

6.01 Regular re-insertion will be at the 5 minute mark of the game. Players will be allowed to reenter or substitute into the game to bring the team back up to 5 players.

16.02 Players can line up at the start zone one minute before re-insert. 16.03 Players in the dead box have 30 seconds to re-insert after the re-insert whistle is blown. Eliminated players must be back to dead box before whistle is blown. Players who miss the re-insert must wait for the next re-insert to enter the game. No Exceptions

16.03 All players must have at least one foot touching the start zone at the re-insert.

16.04 In the event that all of one team has been shot off the field or a team's start line is under attack at the time of the re-insert. A horn will be blown to signify a rebreak. At the time of the horn all play will stop A 2 minute timeout will take place while all players head to their start lines No players may shoot or pull flags during this time Points will continue to accrue during time out the next period will be reduced to 3 minutes to make up for timeout

16.05 Teams who receive the instant rejuve at the start of the game will receive a neutral color armband. This armband is to be given to base judges upon arrival to field and is used by player who enters the field after being eliminated.

16.06 Teams with the instant rejuve will use it on the first player eliminated during the match.