4.01 Teams may have up to 7 players on their roster, but may field only a maximum of 5 players in any one period Ultimate Woodsball League, 2014 Official 5-man Rules & Regulations 3

4.02 Any player can be substituted at the re-insertion time.

4.03 A maximum of 2 pit crew are allowed in dead box. The pit crew is there to assist the team getting players ready for re-insertions. Pit crew cannot wear playing gear or substitute in the game

4.04 All teams must submit complete rosters at the registration. A team’s rosters cannot be changed after the team plays its first game

4.05 Each team must have 1 Captain, 1 Scout. 1 Heavy Gunner The scout starts the match 5 seconds before the rest of the team. This is only at the start of a match not t the start of each period.