Assessment of Penalties

Assessment of Penalties:

27.01 Assessment of the one-for-one penalty (the removal of the player committing the infraction and a teammate) may take place for the following infractions:

  • Playing-On/A player that continues to play after an obvious hit is Playing-On - Physical Aggression
  • A player attempts physical contact with another person on the field in a hostile manner.
  • Affiliated Spectator Interference
  • Spectator that is known to be affiliated with a team or player who provides strategic advice. (Spectator is removed and player is eliminated).
  • Tools/Player possesses, but does not use tools on playing field.
  • Velocity Violation/Shooting 310 FPS up to 319 FPS.
  • Distraction Tactics/Requesting a paint check to distract a Referee from a hit on player or a player’s teammate.
  • Freight Training/A separate infraction is called for each player participating in the freight train;
  • Each failure to obey a referee’s instructions
  • Shooting more than 10 balls per second.


27.02 Assessment of the three-for-one rule (the removal of the player committing the infraction and three teammates) may take place for the following infractions:

  • Playing-On/Player fires marker after acknowledging elimination, with the intent to eliminate an opposing player.
  • Wiping/Player deliberately removes paint in order to avoid elimination.
  • Shooting over 319
  • Any team who during a single period of the match as more than one gun violation.


27.03 For each body pulled for infraction a -5 points will be taken from offending team and + 5 points awarded to opposing team. These are for on field playing penalties only. at no point will penalties points be awarded after the game for calls that could have, would have, should have, been called during the game