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Chiggers win in Panama!

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Panama July 31, 2016
The UWL Panama 10 Man finals took place on Sunday, July 31 at the Area 32 Field. The field was extremely challenging, not only because of the layout, but also the heat and humidity. For this last event Panama's top teams will face each other in the prelims to determine the 4 finalist. Prelims were played hard, proof of that, is that several prelim games saw winners by a mere margin of 5 or less points.

Dirtbags interview

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The Dirtbags have been a top UWL team for the past two years. Dirtbag players like Roland Puckett are always in the top of the UWL individual stats and ranking. That in itself is an accomplishment, but what makes it truly amazing is the guns they use. The team is made up of mostly pumps and 3 mechanical markers. The Dirtbags play the Tactical Division in the UWL but often beat teams in higher Divisions. I have watched the Dirtbags play many times and love watching them move around the field.