On Field Chronographing

On Field Chronographing:

18.01 Chronographing on the field may be done at any time at the discretion of any Field Referee to determine if a marker’s muzzle velocity has risen above legal limits. Referees will seek to perform on field Chronographing in a manner which least interferes with play.

18.02 Players with markers chronographed during a game at 300 feet per second or less will continue to play without elimination or penalty.

18.03 Players with markers which velocity within 300-310 feet per second will be eliminated from play.

18.04 Players with markers, which velocity is over 310 feet per second, will be eliminated from play and given a Onefor-One penalty.

18.05 Players who are observed working on their markers during the course of a game, with the exception of cleaning paint out of barrels, loaders or feed ports will be immediately eliminated from play. Operating buttons in any way will only be allowed with agreement by a referee.