9.01 Players must wear pants and shirts or jackets that fit well. Players may not wear oversized clothing. If a judge deems that a players clothing is oversized, the judge may require new attire or make temporary adjustments using tape, pins, etc.

9.02 Players may not wear jackets and or pants, which are made out of highly absorbent material, such as felt or fleece, or of a highly padded or slick nature, such as nylon or rubber. If a player is found to be wearing such material, then he will be required to obtain and wear suitable replacement clothing. Players may wear tournament pants.

9.03 Vests and pouches may not be constructed in such a fashion that they constitute padding.

9.04 Players may use cloth, neoprene, or other material to cover the guns paint loaders. Neoprene and cloth tank covers are allowed.

9.05 Players’ uniforms may not resemble the referees’ shirts.

9.06 Equipment may not be left on the field before or during the match. Players will be instructed to pick gear up and will be eliminated if they cannot do so.

9.07 Gear may be left in a "Live box". this box will be stationed by the UWL near the team's starting line. the box is part of the field and may not be moved. The box is to be used only by live players. Dead players using the box will receive a one for one. 1