Chiggers win in Panama!

Panama July 31, 2016
The UWL Panama 10 Man finals took place on Sunday, July 31 at the Area 32 Field. The field was extremely challenging, not only because of the layout, but also the heat and humidity. For this last event Panama's top teams will face each other in the prelims to determine the 4 finalist. Prelims were played hard, proof of that, is that several prelim games saw winners by a mere margin of 5 or less points.
Chiggers Squad came to this year finals as two time Champions, so there was a lot of anxiety from the team, to defend their title and bragging rights. Teams like RDA / Local Force and BR7 came to this final event as real tittle challengers, each of them had the attitude and talent to do so. Chiggers Squad played hard and aggressive scoring in average 130 points in all their prelim games, so they advance to the semifinals without problem.
At the Semi Finals they played RDA, one of the top teams in Panama. At the start of the game RDA, send a rush of several players through the center of the field, and dominate the 50 area. They held the 50 for almost 9 minutes and were able to take out 5 of the Chiggers Players, but could not hold the swing base they had. At the end of the first period and during re insertion time, Chiggers Scout makes a very aggressive and well played move, he makes a rush through the right side swing base, came out running and shooting , pulls the swing base flag, takes out 4 players in the process, and finally pull the opponent home base flag. At the start of the third period one of Chigger Infantry, manage to sneak behind RDA defense, eliminates 5 of their players and capture home base again, this last play, seal the deal for Chigger Semi Final game
Chiggers Squad team, makes it to the final unbeaten and confronts Team Local Force. The final match was marked by strong gun fight for the Swing Flags, both teams send their Scouts, to win territory , but could not go beyond the 50, Chiggers manages to take both swing bases without losing a single player, and kept them most of the match. Due to the tight defense of both teams, none of the Home Flags were taken. At the end of regulation time and when all points were counted. Chiggers Squad Won the 2016 Championship. With this new championship Chiggers Squads becomes first 3 Peat champion of the UWL Panama.


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