22.01 A player is eliminated if a paintball shot by a live player of either team strikes and breaks on that player or anything he is carrying.

22.02 If the paintball strikes the player or anything he is wearing or carrying but does not break, such player is not eliminated. If a paintball strikes another object first and breaks upon that object before marking a player such player is not eliminated. Generally, if the paint marking is reasonably solid and at least the size of a quarter, it will be considered a valid hit.

22.03 If two opposing players are hit and marked, simultaneously, or if the judges cannot determine which player was hit and marked first, both players will be eliminated.

22.04 Judges will wipe splatter or non valid hits off a player at the time they are inspected. Ultimate Woodsball League, 2014 Official 10-man Rules & Regulations 7

22.05 Players will be eliminated if their entire body leaves the playing field. Players will not be eliminated for crossing the boundary with parts of the body. The entire body, most go out of bounds.

22.06 Players are eliminated if a dime size or larger mark of paint from a grenade is found on his person or equipment.

22.07 Players may be eliminated as the result of a penalty called by a referee for infractions committed by teammates pursuant the provisions contained herein.

22.08 Players who are eliminated are expected to immediately signal their eliminations may announcing ’HIT“ or ’OUT“ at the time of such eliminations.

22.09 Such players must then remove their armbands, attach barrel condom and hold the markers in the air above their heads and exit to the team’s staging area immediately by the most direct route or upon the instructions of a field judge. The eliminated player may not talk or otherwise communicate.

22.10 players without armbands will be eliminated.

22.11 players may not intentionally eliminate teammates. Players caught intentionally eliminating team mates will have a one for one assessed