Field Size and Requirements

Field Size and Requirements:

1.01 Fields will be wooded or built to create an enjoyable environment. No inflatable bunkers will be used.

1.02 All game fields shall be free from anything that would pose an unnecessary risk to players, including cliffs, areas with jagged rock. Etc.

1.03 Taking into account terrain, cover, ability to move, fire lanes and topography, game fields shall be balanced so that the better and more talented of two teams will usually win starting the game from either team flag station.

1.04 Fields shall be between 75 to 125 yards wide and 100 150 yards long.

1.05 Staging Areas will be located at each end of the field near the team’s base. The staging Area is the area that teams will keep extra gear and alternates during the course of the game. It will be netted so players can take off their goggles.

1.06 Start Line will be located near the Staging area and the team’s home base.

1.07 The “objective flags shall be located on the left and the right of the field and roughly equal distant from the two home. The distance between the two objectives should be far enough so that visual contact cannot be made from one objective flag to another.

1.08 Home bases will be at each end of the field located near the start line and staging area