Game Stoppages

Game Stoppages:

14.01 Game stoppages will only occur in the event of an emergency.

14.02 Only the Ultimate Judge has the authority to stop or end a game.

14.03 If the game can be restarted, the clock will resume where it left off, and the game will begin with a re-break. At the start of the re-break, teams will remain in possession of any flags accrued before the game stoppage.

14.04 If the game cannot be restarted, teams will receive credit for the points earned before the stoppage of the game, as well as points for flags owned at the stoppage. These flags will continue to accrue points equal to the remaining amount of time (games will run 30 minutes in length).

14.05 Game stoppages will be indicated by the referees calling “Freeze!” Every player has to remain in the position he was in when the freeze call was made.