Other Equipment

Other Equipment:

12.01 Players may carry any number of pouches, clips or loaders.

12.02 Open and Tactical teams may use radios. Pro Teams can not

12.03 Players may carry extra constant air tanks.

12.04 Two live players may exchange equipment. A dead player may not exchange/leave equipment 12.06 Vests and pouches may not be constructed in such a fashion that they constitute padding.

12.05 live players may not trade equipment with dead players

12.06 Each team will be allowed one rocket launcher per team. Teams will be allowed to use 3 rockets per period for a total of 9 per game. rockets may not be saved so at no point will a team have 4 rockets. A dry fire of rocket launcher will count as rocket fired.

12.07 Rocket shots should be called in advance to a referee to ensure referee spots hit. Players are eliminated if rocket strikes bunker or building and player is within 6 'of target .