Player Cards and Classification

Player Cards and Classification:

3.01 Each player on the roster will receive a position card prior to the start of the game. This card will be worn on the players goggle strap. The card will contain the players number used to track his personal stats. The card will also show what position the player is playing. The card is non transferable during each game. No player will be allowed to play without the card.

3.02 There will be three divisions – Pro, Open and Tactical. 3.02 A Pro Roster can have any number of Pro players

3.03 A Open Division Roster can have 1 Pro player or 1 Legends

3.04 A Tactical Division Roster can have 0 pro players and 1 Legends

3.05 A pro Player is anyone currently on a NPPL PSP or Millennium team in the Pro, Div 1,Div 2, CPL or SPL Division. Any Proplayer over the age of 40 will be classified a Legend

3.06 A Legend will be classified as anyone who played prior to 2002, 10 man in the woods in Pro Division or Amateur A