4.01 Teams may have up to 15 players on their roster, but may field only a maximum of 10 players in any one period

4.02 Any player can be substituted at the re-insertion time.

4.03 A maximum of 4 pit crew are allowed in dead box. The pit crew is there to assist the team getting players ready for re-insertions. Pit crew cannot wear playing gear or substitute in the game Ultimate Woodsball League, 2014 Official 10-man Rules & Regulations 3

4.04 All teams must submit complete rosters at the registration. A team’s rosters cannot be changed after the team plays its first game 4.07 Each team will have 1 Captain, 1 Scout (leaves 10 seconds Early) Sniper,(Must use pump gun or magazine fed semi that hold less the 20 rounds) or a Ranger (Must use Mechanical marker) and one Heavy Gunner(gun can shoot any rate of fire in any mode). The scout starts the match 10 seconds before the rest of the team. This is only at the start of a match not at the start of each period.